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Bao to the Buns

Bao buns are traditionally served in many Asian cuisines - they are pillowy, soft, steamed buns, folded and filled with savory meats (or mushrooms), fresh produce, and house-made sauces. We are fun, we are fast, and we'll have your buns dancing for more.

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Emil David

The Beast of Hot Buns

Chef David’s professional career started at age 18, although his culinary passion began ten years earlier with inspiration from his grandmother. As a native of the Philippines, the flavors, techniques and love put into traditional Filipino dishes sparked his interest in cooking. 

Upon moving to Italy in 2001, Chef David began his professional culinary career. He worked for several 5-star hotels in Rome, including Hotel Exedra, Radisson Blu and St. Regis. He continued to progress as a chef and moved to Milan to work at the Radisson Blu. 

Seeking professional advancement and new possibilities, David moved to New York City. During his five years there, he worked for Tony May at San Domenico, Giorgio Armani and Bobby Flay. Chef David took a course in restaurant management at the International Culinary Center.

Emil David was the Executive Chef for Aspen Kitchen in Aspen, Colorado, followed by being a Culinary Director for Revolution Hall in the Twin Cities, both under Craveable Hospitality Group.

Chef David is excited to bring his love for cooking, Asian flavors and hospitality to Kentucky on his newest venture, Hot Buns Food Truck.

Liz David

The Queen of Hot Buns

Liz David’s career in the hospitality industry started in her early 20’s. She has owned a restaurant in Lexington, KY, prior to managing restaurants in New York City and Aspen, Colorado.

Liz’s most valued position was that of a Director of People and Culture for Revolution Hall in the Twin Cities. With a knack for making people smile, listening more than speaking and knowledge in the restaurant industry, Liz is excited to bring a new culture to the Kentucky food scene.